About “Ali”

How did you get into planning? – I’ve spent almost ten years working in the wedding and events sector. When I first started, I was a bartender and when a planner’s assistant didn’t call or show up, I went into a planning intern role, and after one wedding,I was in for life!

As of June 2022, I launched and started my own event planning business.

Why do you love it? – I’ve always kept things in order. structured in a color-coded, to-do list manner. Or perhaps a sort of systematic, let me write this down so I can check it off, approach. It follows that the organisation and meticulousness needed for event organising are a perfect fit for me.

I adore being able to help folks put their lives’ most intimate and spectacular moments together while getting to experience them.

What is your client’s favorite thing about working with you? – I am a very straightforward and honest person. If something won’t work, I’ll let you know, but I’ll always explain why in order to make sure that your intended outcome (and aim) is respected in a way that will benefit you and your event.

What’s your superpower? – Finding things – seriously I am the Finder-Of-All-Things! Keys? Brushes? Wallets? You name it, if it’s lost in our house, my family desperately relies on me to be able to locate it quickly.

When I’m not out in the event world, you can find me being creative in other ways; crafting, dancing, or singing (unless we’re out camping that is!)

Life and love are meant to be celebrated!